A/V Logix - Surveillance Systems

Wherever life takes you, you’re never far from home.

An A/V Logix surveillance system will provide peace of mind while on a vacation or business trip by providing ability to view multiples areas in real time on your smartphone, computer or other device. Cameras can be installed virtually anywhere on the property. Videos from the cameras are recorded to a digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR allows viewing of the live cameras or recorded events from any web browser or smartphone. In addition, you can be notified of events on at via email or text while you are away. Typically the files are retained for a period of 30 days.

We have experience with camera/DVR systems and are able to provide valuable guidance on your surveillance system. We will do a site survey to determine the number of cameras needed and optimum camera placement for best viewing and motion detection functionality.

A/V Logix Residential Dome CameraCameras can be placed discretely in strategic positions or in sensitive areas. These cameras can be virtually invisible, and record in night and day with high definition (HDTV) clarity. Larger cameras can be installed to record and serve as a deterrent. Cameras can be set to record on motion or on a scheduled interval.

Our clients understand why purchasing a surveillance system from us is an excellent choice. We provide high quality equipment, proper installation, and have high standards for customer service. Our clients get high resolution images so that the images taken are actually discernible, and our cameras can take images in full light and little or no light situations. With a professionally installed surveillance system, you can rest assured it will be installed properly and to specification so that it will be easy to use, and will actually work when you need it to.