A/V Logix - Structured WiringNever before has home networking made life so productive and fun for the entire family. No matter if you’re communicating from one computer to another or downloading music from the Internet, networked homes are designed for complete efficiency and total enjoyment.

We are experts at creating robust systems to make your life easier and more productive at both, home and away. As experienced professionals, we will network your home so that you and your family can conduct business and complete personal projects with simplicity and ease. Be assured that A/V Logix, will take the time necessary to learn what solutions will work best for you and your family.

With a home network that is properly designed by A/V Logix, your computer can become your home’s media center; allowing authorized users to share one common set of peripherals, such as a laser printer, fax or scanner, and also transfer files, such as music and photos, from one computer to another. Wherever you are in the house or away, your network can allow everyone to simultaneously talk on the phone while using your high-speed Internet through broadband access; alleviating data pileups.

No matter if your home network solution is wired or wireless, the convenience and enjoyment you’ll experience on a daily basis is endless. Whether you operate your computer on your desk or carry a laptop from room to room, you will enjoy the same benefits. Taking it a step further, your computer infrastructure can be used to automate your entire home. From your computer, touchpad or even a PDA, you can set the alarm at night or adjust the temperature or lighting in your home.

Complete your networked system with a multi-line, multi-extension phone solution that gives you separate lines for your home office and your family’s personal use. Never miss an important call! Each phone line will have its own caller ID, voice mail and even the ability to function as an intercom, enabling you to communicate with someone at the front door without ever leaving the room.

A/V Logix - Structured WiringAll this and more can be enjoyed with our professionally installed networking solution that delivers the results you demand and offers flexibility you never thought possible.

Infrastructure wiring also known as structured wiring, is series of wires specially bound together in one jacket to bring the ease of installation for all of your components. This is usually installed during new construction or existing construction where the framing studs are exposed. It is often the size of a garden hose but can be custom manufactured to accommodate any special needs. Some typical needs are fiber optics and other control wires for lighting, telephone, cable, satellite, internet, surveillance, intercom, along with whole house audio and video.

By using patch cords the homeowner or technician can quickly and conveniently connect a new computer to the computer network, send a satellite or cable TV signal to the spare bedroom for guests or route a second phone line or computer to any room in the house. In addition, information from security systems, audio systems, satellite dishes and system automation controllers can be networked and controlled with an integrated home network. The home network consists of three main components: the distribution panel, the structured wiring, and the wall plate or receptacle. With options such as home security, secured home office communications, audio/video entertainment and whole house automation, each home network can be customized to fit the homeowner’s exact needs.

With A/V Logix, you’re not just getting a squad of “geeks” but a professional with the expertise to provide you with the right products and information you deserve.

All of our structured wire runs are terminated at one location called a “home run” which makes it simple to add or remove new components or gear. The other location is a decorative wall plate or other device component.