A/V Logix - Control4 Theater Bring the movie theater experience to your living room or dedicated home theater room. Whether you are looking for a custom home theater system as part of your living or family room, a dedicated media room, or flat panel TV installation, A/V Logix will help you to get the most value for your money. Experience the movies, your favorite TV shows, or favorite musical performances as they were meant to be seen and heard. With our expert home theater specialists, we will help you with anything from flat panel mounting to engineering and installation of a complex audio/video system.

We have a passion for audio and a passion for technology. Our goal is to provide the thrill of a live performance in your home and as your audio, video and technology expert, we will provide design consultation, engineering, installation, programming and sales of equipment – all at competitive prices.

Get the best home theater for your money by choosing a home theater expert to guide you through the process of selecting the best solutions. The picture and sound quality of your home theater can be better than your local theater. A quality home theater is more than just purchasing components with certain technical specifications. A/V Logix will select the best components for your needs and budget. We will ensure they are installed correctly, above manufactures specifications, and provide the appropriate easy to use control system, and tune the system for the specific acoustic and viewing environment of the room, providing the highest quality home theater possible.

It is our desire that you experience the art of home cinema as it can be – exciting, involving, and entertaining. It’s for the fun of it, for you & your family, for years to come. Hands down, you will be amazed what we can achieve.