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Plasma/ LCD/ LED/ 3D HDTV/ 4K Display Selection

A/V Logix will help you select and install the right flat panel television for your viewing habits and space.

Flat screen Plasma, LCD and LED, 3D HDTV televisions represent the greatest technological breakthrough in TV viewing since color. In addition, the prices have dropped to the point that they are affordable for most consumers. Plasma, LCD and LED, 3D HDTV as well as 4K displays each have their strengths and weaknesses and, even though they share common technical specifications, the picture quality can vary greatly between different makes and models. It pays to do your homework before you make a purchase. This homework, is to contact us. We have already done the homework for you because you can spend hours searching for information online and driving to different big box stores which are calibrated to their specific viewing conditions – not your home. We are intimately familiar with the technologies and the highest quality makes and models for most budgets. We travel to all industry shows to get a sneak peak on the latest trends and models before you even hear of them. A/V Logix will help you make the best decision for your personal situation.

Let us help you choose, acquire and install the right flat screen for your home.