A/V Logix - LED 4k Ultra Flat Panel InstallationsA/V Logix is a state licensed contractor. We know how homes are constructed, the materials involved and the wires behind the walls you can not see. We know where ductwork, electricity, insulation and plumbing is located. We know load and non load bearing walls. We know where fire block is installed and we know how to address these issues when installing a new flat panel or pulling wire in the walls.

A/V Logix - Flat Panel Cabling

We have installed flat screen TVs in almost any situation and any space, some you’d never imagine possible (on a glass window for intsance). Display installation above the fireplace, on the wall, in a cabinet, under a bed, in a dresser, on a movable panel, or virtually anywhere else is possible. We will hide all of the wires that your flat screen requires.

We also provide the correct mounting system to support the weight of the display. We provide all the accessories, the wires, and framing as required for building code standards.

If you don’t know what CL2X, CL3P, UL, CMP, CMR, CR, Riser or Plenum means – then please, please, call us.  We are certified and know what is supposed to be run for what components where.

A/V Logix provides expert installations for your flat panel TV – the installed TV will be safely and securely mounted. Your new Plasma, LCD, LED, 3D HDTV as well as 4K can be cumbersome to install – let us do it for you -safely.