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Energy management systems are more important today then they have ever been. Not only are they also environmentally friendly (green) but they also allow the client to save on the outrageous cost of energy. With today’s larger and larger homes, the necessity to monitor and correct these power stealing devices are almost mandatory. Save money, save the enviroment.
By utilizing the longitude and latitude coordinates of your residence, along with the every changing weather environment, we will program your system to automatically open or close your blinds based upon lighting requirements. We factor in the actual time of day, your privacy concerns and of course the energy demands of the house along with the cost of energy.

Why you should consider the Control4 energy management system:

  • Conserve 30% or more a month in energy savings
  • Monitor your daily energy consumption
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Know what is draining your power and when
  • Expand the life of your light bulbs up to 20x longer
  • Safety & Convenience