A/V Logix - Distributed AudioOur background is in live sound, and we believe that having quality sound within the home enhances the enjoyment of it. Imagine the joy of having your favorite music available in every room of your home, and even outside, with nothing more than invisible in ceiling speakers and intuitive control via a remote control, a keypad, or even your iPhone or Android device(s).

Picture this…you will have the joy of music available in every room of your house. Whole house audio distribution relies on a centrally located audio system and speakers in the rooms of your choice. Sound can be provided by a wide range of different types of high quality speakers, including bookshelf speakers, tower speakers, invisible in wall speakers and in ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers that fit into the landscaping and water resistant speakers for damp areas such as bathrooms and spas.

There are several options for home audio, including whole house audio (also known as whole home or distributed audio), surround sound systems for home theater, and listening rooms (either dedicated listening rooms, or as part of an overall media or living room).

A/V Logix - Dinner Party DancingWhole house audio distribution relies on one centrally located audio system with speakers in the rooms also known as distributed audio. Music can be provided by traditional speakers, invisible in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers that fit into the landscaping, and water resistant speakers for bathroom, spa and other wet areas, even inside the water in your swimming pool. The source of music, volume levels, EQ and balance can be controlled by your mobile device, remote controls or dedicated keypads. It is possible to play different music in different rooms at the same time or different times all at the same or different volume levels. Party mode plays them in the rooms selected, each room has its own volume control. So you can listen to classic rock, while the kids listen to pop and mom listens to top-40 music.

Imagine you get up in the morning and have a song in your head as you are making your breakfast. You pick up your mobile device, select the song, and it begins playing in the kitchen.

Music can be accessed from a variety of sources in different places in the house, including steaming audio, Rhapsody, Tune-In, HDRadio, Roku, Apple TV, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, XM/Sirius satellite radio, satellite TV, cable, cd players, iPod, Sonos, digital media, turntables, digital jukeboxes, and AM/FM radio. Further, whole house entertainment systems can be set up to deliver content to TVs through a video matrix distribution system.

These audio systems exceed our clients’ expectations for sound quality and ease of use.A/V Logix has provided home audio solutions throughout New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and beyond.