Digital displays are a great way to capture a customer’s attention. Digital retail signage is the use of electronic displays to inform, entertain or advertise, and is typically installed in commercial establishments such as restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, medical facilities and other high traffic areas.

A/V Logix - Retail SignageThe benefits of digital signage are the content displayed can be changed very easily, and it can be a very effective way of delivering your message.

Digital signage displays are usually controlled by media servers or personal computers hidden away from the prospected end user. Thus only providing the proper content for the appropriate user. Content provided can be used to display public information and thus entertain during wait time, inform by displaying menus or directions, or advertise. You also have the opportunity to increase monthly revenue by selling your retail space to other small businesses. By means of co-location signage panels into various businesses through the community, you can help promote your business, captivate your audience and increase your bottom line each month.

A/V Logix has the knowledge and experience to design and install digital signage that is extremly effective and easy to use by both the manager and end user.