A/V Logix - Control4 Distributed VideoToday’s consumers demand a high quality audio visual experience. A professionally designed and installed commercial audio video system will set your establishment apart. Providing high quality, easy to control audio and video is what we do, and it will help bring customers into your establishment and keep them there longer.

Video Distribution systems provide the ability to watch HDTV or Satellite TV on multiple TVs in your bar, restaurant, health club or other commercial establishment. Video distribution can also provide access to security cameras or play DVDs or other sources. Combined with distributed audio, you can be in complete control over what is seen and heard in different areas of your venue. The systems we design are user friendly, so employees will be able to use the system with just a minute or two of training.

A/V Logix provides commercial video distribution systems for clients throughout the Delaware Valley. We design commercial video systems with high quality picture and a single point of control that is user friendly. In addition, we know that technology is always changing, and we design systems that are flexible and allow for expansion to include new technology as it becomes available.

We know that each of our clients has a unique space and unique needs. That’s why each commercial sound and video system we provide is customized and super easy to operate with no down time.