A/V Logix - Boardroom

A/V Logix is an audio video systems contractor, low voltage electrical contractor and an audio and visual design consultant. We have expertly designed, supplied and installed audio visual systems in retail stores, restaurants, sports bars, airports, lodgings, schools and churches.

Our commercial clients are businesses who desire high quality, easy to use audio visual systems to create a welcoming environment in their establishments without any down time.

A/V Logix, sells, and installs reliable commercial audio video systems, automation systems, paging systems, content delivery systems and digital signage systems that exceed client expectations for ease of use, quality and value. We offer the best equipment and service available, while also understanding that deadlines and budgets are important.

A/V Logix - Philly Boardroom

A/V Logix has worked with many different types of commercial clients. Below is a partial list of commercial work we have completed:

  • Surveillance system, audio system and video system for a brewery
  • Video system in medical office
  • Background audio and paging system for a mall
  • Background music, paging system for restaurant
  • Content delivery system, background music system for restaurant
  • Network infrastructure, wireless networking, audio distribution for lodging
  • High definition matrix video switching system for video testing facility
  • Large scale audio visual distribution system for retail store
  • Background music and digital signage systems for retail store
  • Background music and paging for retail stores
  • Audio distribution system for retail stores
  • Board room with an audio and visual system for officesA
  • Network and telephone systems for offices
  • Audio visual distribution system for gym and spa therapy rooms
  • Network installation for school district
  • Background music for cafe
  • Background music system, audio video system in board room in offices
  • Multi-zone audio system, network and telephone cabling for sales center
  • Video screens, audio system for sales center
  • Lighting automation, shading automation, audio visual system for a church
Our experienced staff is adept at managing the project life cycle for our business clients. From the initial consultation through the design phase to the end user training, we are committed to the completion of your project on time and within budget.